Our Company

The Industrial activity started in the year 1975 with the production of systems designed on custom to position a single gadget, into Corn Flakes box. It has been used for large campaign requiring production rate up to 3000 gadgets per minute, achieving an accuracy of 99,96 %, Such supply allowed our customer Kellogg's to be the first one on the market to operate with full automatic Systems with remarkable reduction of costs and high operative performances.

This success led our Project Department to develop extremely flexible systems able to be suited to various typologies of product favouring the entrance of our company in other markets such as: frozen food industry where we realized systems to position frozen parts into the trays containing pre-cooked foods. confectionery industry where we realized systems to fill assorted candies into box up to a maximum of 18 different flavours per box, operating at the speed of 300 box / min

Thewide feedback from the market related to our way of handling irregular shape pieces took us to the chocolate industry for which we have developed systems for the process cycle relevant to the production of chocolate pralines for which industry have been developed extremely rapid and accurate Units able to deposit generic nuts, not calibrated, sometime cut nuts, into the single cavity of chocolate production mould.

These technologies, patented all around the world, allowed our company to maintain the worldwide leadership in the deposit of single ingredients toward the production lines which are more and more skilled. Maximum speed achieved is 46,000 pieces/min. counted and deposited into the mould cavity.

International primary companies such as Nestl√®, Masterfood, Cadbury, Hershey, Leaf, Lindt AND Spr√ľngly, Godiva, Kellogg's, General Mills and Storck have been our main customers for decades recurring to our Systems when they need flexible Units operating at high operative speed able to achieve high accuracy.

Furthermore, during the last 12 years we have extended the research for new applications to realize Dynamic Feeding Systems to feed high speed packaging machine such as flow wrappers moving in continuous motion. The main characteristic of these system is the one of picking up the single pieces on the production line in motion and organize them to be positioned to generic wrapper machines in motion. To realize such Systems, have been used components of new technology produced by leader companies such as Siemens, and Rockwell Automation.

One of our requested system is the Flexible Distributor for matrix of single chocolate that is able to transfer in continuous way 3000 pieces/min toward 6 independent flow-wrappers. Such system has requested the simultaneous running of 32 servomotors operating on Rockwell Automation Kinetix platform. Currently our studies and Searches Centre are operating on vision system technology integrated with our Dynamic Transfer.